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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hypertufa Part I

Since the weather has turned cold and the ground has frozen we are turning our attention towards other tasks that we complete throughout the winter. We received a few seed catalogues this past week, so we are checking out all the new seeds available and considering what we will grow in 2011. We also check out the internet for various seed companies and take a look at their stock. Generally we order the bulk of our seeds from T&T Seeds (http://www.ttseeds.com/), Stokes (http://www.stokeseeds.com/), and William Dam Seeds (http://www.damseeds.com/).

The bulk of Pat's time is taken over with the Hypertufa production. Hypertufa is a mixture of cement, vermiculite, peat moss and a small amount of fibre mesh. The fibre mesh acts as a bonding agent. The proportions are measured into a large tub and then mixed all together in their dry state. Once they are blended water is added. At his stage it is crucial that you do not add excessive water, as your batch will be runny and you will be throwing it out. You must add your water in smaller portions and mix it with each addition. The consistency you want to achieve is that of cottage cheese. Once the consistency is satisfactory you can start molding your containers.
Check back next week for instructions on Part II of Hypertufa Production.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for generously sharing your hypertufa posts. I hadn't thought of using baskets. I came across it from someone's pin at https://www.pinterest.com/pin/516717757225402723/.