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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall cleanup.

Things are rollin along since we last posted. The weather has been beautiful, so Pat finished siding the outside of the house yesterday. Looks great. Next year we will need to do some painting on the cement foundation and then on to other projects. I made a lot of progress in the gardens. Have been chipping and shredding the dead plant material, particularly the sunflower stalks. It will all be tilled into the soil along with bags of leaves we collect from the yards of our friends and family. We had a load of straw bales delivered to the yard this week, which we will use for mulch next year. Pat emptied the water from the tanks that we had collected this summer. Did not need to use any of the collected water this year. The soil is still very wet, especially where the soil is mulched.
We finalized our plant orders and sent those off to the suppliers. We added a few new dahlia's along with all the usual colours we grow. Lots of new perennials, such as a couple of different hydrangea's, an orange Iris, a new variety of Bleeding Heart, Blue Lace Delphinium, day lily, sedums, yellow Itoh Peony, plus many more. We will also have Rhubarb plants next year for all those people whom were looking for Rhubarb. If there is ever anything that you would like to add to your plant collection, talk to us about it and we may be able to source it for you. The things I am most excited about is the succulents we have on order. Lots of new varieties we have not had before.
The picture I included today is our Sage patch.

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